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Eve Serber in Workout PoseMy name is Dr. Eva Serber, and I am a licensed psychologist in the state of South Carolina (SC #1176). I have over 20 years of experience, working in academic medical centers, and now I have my own private practice to focus solely on providing care to my clients. I am also a competitive athlete, still competing in national level competitions. As you will see, I also offer separate non-clinical coaching services.

One of my goals for this practice, is to be able to fully integrate my professional and personal passions (sport, fitness, lifestyle) and expertise into one enterprise. I am passionate about exercise, nutrition, and physical fitness; and how these contribute to mental wellbeing and mental strength, in overall health and happiness. All of these in turn, further nurture optimal performance and success in the areas that are important to you!

Eva Serber in Fitness Compatition

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The sun rises and sets
Every day
As the sun rises, we rise
As the sun sets, we reset

The in-between the rise and the set
And in-between the set and the rise
Are equally important

Each is an opportunity
To create
To improve
To restore
To pursue
And to be
Be in yourself
Be in the moment

Nurturing full awareness
Every twitch of a muscle
Every beat of your heart
Every sound
Every motion
Every thought
Every feeling

What are you doing
What is your intention in that moment
Fully present
You will achieve
You will succeed
You will do
And you will be

With every sunrise and every sunset
We rise and we reset
And we rise again
~Eva Serber, 9/5/2021